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Personal Training

One on One Personal Training sessions are designed to assess your fitness level and tailor a program that suits your needs. Variety and education are the core of Guillaume’s programs to help you reach a new level of strength, power and balance. Know your strengths and weaknesses and you’ll maximise your results.

45 Min Session: $90
60 Min Session: $105

Animal Flow

Life is more than just fitness.. it’s about moving. Movement in our everyday lives, incorporating health and wellbeing into every aspect of our lives not just a quick hour at the gym.

Animal Flow is a bodyweight ground-based type of training designed to improve strength, power, endurance, flexibility and mobility. You will learn stretches and activation moves to put together into Flows for a total body workout that will leave you feeling good and energised.

45 Min one-on-one session: $90

SkiFit Training

SkiFit prepares you for skiing/snowboarding by increasing your level of fitness so you can enjoy your time away and maximise your time on the slopes.

The 5-8 week SkiFit Program includes:

  • Fitness and biomechanics assessments
  • Muscle endurance training so you can ski longer
  • Core and Balance work so you can maximise your efforts and reduce the risk of injury
  • Plyometrics and Power training so you can ski harder, faster and on more advanced terrain
  • Flexibility and Mobility work to relax and reduce the risk of injury

SkiFit is guaranteed to take you to the next level of skiing and maximise your time on the slopes

60 Min session: $105

Movement Therapy

Rehabilitation Training is designed specifically for people who are recovering from surgery or injury as well as preparing for surgery (prehab).

Identifying imbalances and weaknesses is often tricky and damaging if you don’t have the right instruction. We offer a complete rehabilitation program that promotes recovery and strengthens injured areas  in conjunction with your Health Professional. Proprioceptive stimulation via Barefoot training is often used as part of the program to improve results as well as FRC mobility protocols.

Neuromuscular Activation Session is a hand-on powerful treatment aiming at connecting your brain to your muscles in order to immediately improve strength, flexibility, breathing, reduce stress and pain and maximise your physical potential.

Rehab 45 min Session: $90
Activation Initial Consultation 90 min: $135
Follow-up Consultations 75 min: $120


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Free Animal Flow introductory small group training.