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NABOSO Insoles Neuro


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NABOSO Insoles Neuro


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Looking for a stronger stimulation and more powerful impact on the proprioceptive system? The Naboso 1.5 is perfect if you are already an avid barefooter or have been using minimal footwear for some time. It is also great for the customer who stands for prolonged hours on their feet, or for those who have decreased sensitivity of the feet. Stand with ease, improve foot pain and relieve muscle and joint strain with the innovative Naboso insole.
Backed by the power of barefoot science, the insole is set to revolutionise the way you move. The Naboso 1.5mm two-point discrimination texture has been designed with pinpoint precision to stimulate your foot and superchange your peripheral nervous system.

Non-Toxic | Latex-Free | 100% Recyclable

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