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Neuromuscular Activation

About Neuromuscular Activation

Neuromuscular Activation aims at assisting with the synchronisation and sequencing of the whole body.

When the body works effectively, the right structures do the right job at the right time. If there is a delay or interference (due to physical or psychological history, posture, injury…), dysfunctional compensatory patterns of movement will take place, leading to further potential injuries and pain.

I use the Be Activated Techniques, created by Douglas Heel, to help your body work at its highest effectiveness.


We test movements and muscles before we activate certain points of the body. We then retest to measure any change.


Changes vary after each Activation but can be measured in increased strength, power, flexibility or balance and reduced pain.


Once again it varies depending on the individual. Some people see an immediate change while it takes a few days for others. You leave each session with the knowledge to activate certain parts of your body so you can do it on your own and change the patterns for a better lasting result.


Depending on the inhibition and how long the bad patterns have been happening, there can be some discomfort but I always make sure you can cope with the pressure. There can also be an emotional discharge when your stress response drops to a relaxed state.

Honestly it was brilliant. You have no idea how much I miss it now I am in London.

- Matt

Activation feels like no other treatment I’ve ever had, it's much more of a switching on process which allowed me to start using parts of my body that had been shut down due to surgery and injury.

- Emma

It was quite unlike anything I had experienced before. The activation allowed me to start to understand the 'problem areas' in my body where I was having challenges which was extremely helpful for me as I am often disconnected from my body. The end result was amazingly transformative. My body felt completely different - more fluid, connected, energised and strong with a big difference in my body's response to the exercises compared to before the activation.

- Tanya


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